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Not yet released

New HardDep: AE2

Made Optional: BC

Added: AE2 powergrid support

Removed: MJ support

Added: Support for ForgeFluids

Added: Electric Arc Furnace

Added: Configurable Input\Output(CIO)

Added: support for CL3 Addons(user-created recipes) (

Optimized&Improved: Machines UI

Optimized: Power event no longer invokes tick event


Located on curseforge


Required BC version elevated to 6.0.16+

Required Forge version elevated to

Added Automatic Drawplate

Added EMFBatteries

Added HOE KeepAlive(disabled, please, don't try to enable it yet)

Added IOMultitool

Added ItemPort

Added MetalFormationMachine

Added Mixer

Added Pipes

Added Quenching Chamber

Added Scrapmetal

Added TierManager(may be broken, if yes will fix in next version)

Added Wire Coating Extruder

Added Wire Industry

Added more crash protection

Added more debug output

Added multiinventory UI for crafters

Added recipe indication(check coremod section in the mod info)

Added some textures

Added temporal hacky VersionChecker implementation

All recipes are now tagged

Changed MJ transfer value from 100 to 25

Closed loose recipes

Code cleanups

Fixed EvaporationUnit storage size

Fixed GasChimney regression

Fixed Programmer Stack regression

Fixed Scattered Worldgen crash

Fixed broken MJ receptor on servers

Fixed broken recipes

Fixed item GUI derping and a dupe bug

Fixed multiinit exploit

Fixed performance leak on chunk reload

Fixed production bug(lost secondary items)

Fixed special machines

Fixed synchronization and flickering

Refactored all recipe-based machines

Removed some debug output

HOE:Added HOEFingerprint implementation

HOE:Fixed broken remote representation in SMP

HOE:TileEntity onPostLoad hack implementation

HOE:HOEData disconnection fixed

HOE:Internal API maintenance

HOE:Major server fixes


Fixed Steam HVLC name color(Thanks to TrinaryBrain)

Recreated worldgen from scratch

Added config for 2 types of worldgen


HOE: Refactored UI

HOE: Fixed rare shift-click crash

Optimized sync operations in special machines

Added HVLC Filler

Added Gas Chimney

Added Configuration

Added HOE MTA Admin tools

Name Changed: HPIC

Fixed ChemLab description

HOE Crash fixed

Evaporation Unit no more multiplies HVLCs

Added explicit BuildCraft Core dependency

Fixed modinfo problems

Added more crusher recipe names

Fixed HiTFurnace HVLC-based recipes

Fixed Washer HVLC-based recipes

Added new HOEFL properties: liquid, gas, colloid

Added Vanilla Iron ↔ Wrought Iron conversion

Fixed Asbestos worldgen overshoot

Fixed Electrolyzer Recipe dupe

Added PIH


Fixed lignin chain names and iron dust name

Removed obsolete item classes

HOE: Added HOEData Garbage Collector

HOE: Fixed wrong sync direction

HOE: Fixed incorrect production flags sync

HOE: Sync is execution context aware now

Fixed wrong labels color in Programmer UI

Added more nametags for ChemLab machines

Fixed wrong amount of pages with recipes

Added infopage to programmer

Added owner tracker

Added power indication to infopage

Fixed wrong page click events in programmer


Initial public release

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