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Today is the 21st century, an age of glass, semiconductors, modern architecture and energy efficiency. Everything is filled with advanced technology, but there is a special “thing” about it - humanity, as a whole, has achieved the ability to understand and replicate the most advanced parts of sophisticated tech due to advancements in computing. It may sound tightly interlinked but actually it makes everything much simpler - the apotheosis of computing is the INTERNET - a largely self-organizing network of endless information. Essentially it gives everyone access to the knowledge ever acquired by humanity - to process, replicate and apply. Human beings aquired their efficiency not by prolonged evolutionary luck but only by one significant alteration - flexible information exchange capability which allows to preserve data through generations and grant partial immortality to every being. Information once created continues to exist - it stands still after the bearers last breath, but is reused, modified, improved, kept safe(in most cases. Information destruction happens much rarely than in medieval ages which indicates societies awareness of the transcendental nature of information). To justify life, its goal, people were creating tales for ages, but today this is changed in favor for a mutual improvement philosophy, where every thing done is a step towards immortality and omnipotence, ability to directly improve and create the whole definition of life. It never actually matters what this contribution is: a significant scientifically discovery, a novel, a movie, a game or a LP video. Everyone doing his thing contributes to well-being of other one making the same contribution. Access to such amount of information and advanced simulations makes it possible to experience the physical world with more benefits or to try things in a game environment with ease. To have fun by achieving success in situations mimicking the real world without resource and danger constraints allows one to reflect it on a large scale irl with amplified enthusiasm. ChemLab is expected to deliver to everyone bare-bones of real world problems to solve - as a big engineering puzzle. It doesn't go to nuances but is designed to show: yes, you are part of a great time and place, one able to conquer the world with such ease you will enjoy.

Itaros - 12.01.2015 (Edited by TrinaryBrain)

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