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Syndication System

This set of features gives you ability to group all your ChemLab machines into powerful multiblocks. This system doesn't take your joy of planning and engineering away. It enhances it! Dare you to pack you scattered processing modules into one big but compact setup? Of course you are!

In general it provides a set of piping to connect your machines together along with Syndication Hub to organize all the stuff in it. You may ask what are benefits? They are:

-This stuff works as a whole in HOE Threads: MUCH LESS LAG and utilization of modern hardware to FULL POTENTIAL

-This stuff is going to aggregate BC Gates actions and triggers for your machines

-It removes item transfer overhead away from MC ticks

-It gives you the full control on what it does


IO Multitool

This small and fragile tool contains a silicon matrix which holds programs to operate syndication system while maintenance or building.

For now you can have only one program in it: SBR Sequence(Syndication Bus Reboot Sequence). To acquire it you program it using BuildCraft Integration Table with Gold Redstone Chipset.

Syndication Hub

Very expensive machinery which declares particular syndication system. Core and guiding light for lesser machinery.

Syndication Bus

Expensive thing to connect your non-adjacent machinery.

Syndication Capacitor

By default machines use energy from BC pipes, but in the case of syndication system they are not available on per machine basis. This is a reason for them to exist: Syndication Capacitors are able to collect and store this power as Electromotive Force(EMF) generated using EMF Generator attached to syndication network. Each one can store 2500 EMF units(1MJ=1EMF). The only downside of this storage is inability to stop power drain when they are full. Calculate your power production and don't forget about BC Gates!

BC Gates are still not included in public version. Stay tuned!

Syndication EMF Generator

Connector to your MJ power grid. Important stuff!

Syndication ItemPort

This block allows you to exchange items between the system and outside world.

It has 4 operational modes:
I - Input
O - Output
U - Both Ways(Universal)
X - Synchroport Disabled(Internal)

X mode is intended to provide internal buffer between machines, but it is disabled(will not work at all) for now. Use U mode instead.

To exchange items between two machines in system put one itemport, set filter to particular item with U mode.

Later there will be Syndication Hub upgrade available to enable precision routing. It will be much more compact and convenient.


Before you can start your network you have to engage search system. It will check all hubs to be operational and declare them as part of the system. If for some reason search fails or you have got system shut down you need to reset buses using your IO Multitool with SBR Sequence program to start again.

If two systems will conflict(one will try to attach another in) they will become overloaded and will EXPLODE!


AdHoc system is disabled due to bug, but network reset penalties are removed. It is easier to just reboot the whole network instead.

From latin “for this”. There are cases when you don't want to reboot the whole syndication system, but you connect brand new part using syndication bus to already operating one. In that case you mark closest part as ADHOC(Blue) and click “Accept AdHocs” in Hub GUI. Beware: you can't remove online parts without shutting the system down first. I warned you.

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