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Upcoming Features

The future of ChemLab lies in a next expansion codenamed “Solid Tears”


It is going to cover cruelty of modern world. Literally about fighting for dead ancient animals as fuelsource(fossil fuels \o/). And yes, I am talking about shale gas and oil.

This is draft. More details and screenshots will be placed here to indicate the progress.

More Love from Machines

It was pretty annoying to use HVLCs to input liquids. Now they can be piped using EnderIO, BC or any Forge Fluid-compatible pipe. And, btw, you can remove casing from a machine. Don't ask why: it is a surprise.

Why ForgeFluid implementation is such a mess? Why it can just simply follow the ItemStack behavior?

CL3 is going to be supplied with CIO(Configurable IO) where you can define input and output on a machine using attachable inventory extensions. Unfortunately this is not going to work for fluids in initial CL3 release due to stupidity of FluidStack behavior, but they will work with classical IO operations. It currently is a basic thing, but it will improve along with future minor versions of CL3.

Shale Gas & Oil

ChemLab is going to introduce the whole industry of oil processing and extraction with collaboration of awesome tools available in the BuildCraft. I am not going to disclose details yet, but it will work enormously good with competitive playstyle on servers with regeneratable mining worlds.

Prepare to build really big factories. It will feature multiblocks of unimaginable sizes


As for 2.x family it is required to have production chain samples to configure syndication system, but in 3.x it is going further: pure chemical reactions(but not physchem like molten medium carbonization) will have the full process depicted in industrial form and in lab form to unlock recipes, machines and processes(because I feel inclusion rejection is still OP. It needs a lot of tweaking). Burn your lab and neighbor!

Update: unlocking will not block progress. It is for alternative ways of processing things(mostly for recycling processes)

Processes vs Reactions

Those are going to be split into two different things. First one will be for mostly physical things and there will be no changes to mechanic, while the second one will have some more requirements to occur indicated in reaction manifest.

Reaction Manifest

Information about reaction and its requirements are represented in special manifest along with discovered ways to influence those. Reactions are going to be extracted from already existing machines to accommodate such changes in the most convenient way.

More BuildCraft

Canceled due to issues with BC itself

CL machines respond to BC gates, but there are limitations. It is going to be working like miracle in 3.x. Behold the future xD

Total Quantum Technology

The new power provider for CL is AppliedEnergistics2 by AlgorithmX2. New power makes it possible to bridge it from different power systems and across dimensions. The best solution in the world!

Machines now have configurable IO so it is possible to attach buses and interfaces to seamlessly connect them to AE grid.


Did you know biofuels are rated by “generation” to indicate the process which was used to acquire it? CL from start had broken Gen2 Biofuels chain. It will be fully featured to be fully exploited with conjunction with BC and RC powergen.

Arc Furnace

Still WIP

Melt things with science!


If you have any additional suggestions feel free to tell me about them in IRC.

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