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HOE Components


HOE P2P is a component of HOE to provide intercommunication between HOE machines. It behaves like thread-messaging using Runnable, but incorporates some improvements for response spinwaiting and HOEData-based execution. This component relies on HOEConnectome implementation which is Minecraft TileEntity interop to provide connectivity between adjacent blocks. For more flexible communication you can write your own Connectome implementations to connect HOEMachines directly in any way you want: like through dimensions or across unloaded chunks.


HOEIO is a base processing descriptor. By extending it you can create your own way to process HOEData. The exemplar implementations are available in toolkit: like machines.

HOE Data

The instances of information in HOE: those can be machines or something bizzare and even non-existant in physical world. HOE Data handles all connections and serialization. For more convenience HOE Data is sided to provide thread-safe client variation of data, while being multithreaded without any hitches and synchronizations.

HOE Resolution Map

This is a toolset to cache chunk location resolution maps

1.7.2-PR-2.x feature. Not going to be present in initial 2.0 release.

HOE KeepAlive

This module monitors tile entity lifecycle to keep HOE Machines working even if their chunks get unloaded. It doesn't affect performance much, because it is hooked directly into TE loading\unloading process, but in the other hand it keeps all chunks in a big resolution map which consumes memory and HOEMTA resources.

ChemLab PR-2.02 feature

Tip of the day: Enabled HOE KeepAlive doesn't make your machines to take items from automation in unloaded chunks. The only way to force them to do so is by using HOE Syndication tools which are going to be added eventually.

HOE Presence Controller

HOEPC monitors active HOEData processors and automatically associates them with synchroports provided by TileEntities. This allows HOE Machines to operate in unloaded chunks without additional effort.

1.7.2-PR-2.x feature. Not going to be present in initial 2.0 release.

In reality, as of 1.00, 1.01, 1.02 and 2.00 all HOE machines operate in unloaded chunks, but fail to correctly associate back when chunk reloads.

+ there are additional troubles about saving those machines. Additional storage engine is planned for HOE Machines to be awesome.

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