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 ====== Machines ====== ====== Machines ======
 +<WRAP center important 60%>
 +This page is going to be slightly outdated and will not reflect pr-2.02 for a while.
 +I am working on a new recipe-image-info representation for machines.
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 [[chemlab:​machines:​HVLC Filler|HVLC Filler]] [[chemlab:​machines:​HVLC Filler|HVLC Filler]]
 +===== ChemLab III =====
 +{{::​484px-van_bentum_explosion_in_the_alchemist_s_laboratory_fa_2000.001.285_1_.jpg?​300 |}}
 +Wiki for CL3 is in the works to move next gen and provide all the info on one page. Prepare for disasters.
 +"The Explosion in the Alchemist’s Laboratory by Justus Gustav van Bentum (Leiden 1670–1727) Holland, 17th or 18th century"​(Public Domain)
 +Advanced CL3 machinery:
 +[[chemlab:​machines:​earcfurnace|Electric Arc Furnace(EAF)]]
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